TERMS OF SERVICE FOR unlimitedindiacalling.com CALLING SERVICE

These Terms of Service constitute the agreement ('Agreement') between Unlimited India Calling ('we', 'us', 'Unlimited India Calling') and the user ('you', 'user' or 'Customer') of Unlimited India Calling calling services and any related products or services ('Service'). BY ACTIVATING OR USING THE SERVICE, YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU ARE OF LEGAL AGE TO ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND FULLY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT.

  • Customer Information. The customer is responsible to communicate or maintain his/her contact information and address current in the Unlimited India Calling database. This can be either done by the customer himself/herself by visiting his/her account at unlimitedindiacalling.com/ or by calling Unlimited India Calling Customer Support.
  • Service Outages. Customer's existing third party provided telephone/cell phone services are used to deliver Unlimited India Calling Pin less service. So normal functioning of customer's local telephone or cellular service is a pre-condition for accessing all Unlimited India Calling services.
  • Availability of the Service. Unlimited India Calling Pin less service is currently available to make ONLY outgoing overseas calls from within the USA and Canada or any other areas we serve.


Minutes do not expire in the Minute Calling plan. Every plan has the best offer and extra earnings in terms of Minutes. All rates are subject to change without notice as our rate increase take place from our call termination providers. Details of the rates are available on website.

Unlimited Call Plans:

All accounts with unlimited usage are supposed to be based on normal personal calling of any caller . Normal calling is defined as a person calls daily to India and speaks for up to and no more than 60 minutes each time. Unlimited India Calling is based on giving a caller an unlimited usage based on no per minute billing and based on 2 times the normal calling by a user. This gives a person enough time to make use of a service far beyond the normal usage scenario. If a customer is using higher than normal usage or is abusing the service based on more than 3 times the normal usage then such customer may be permanently banned from the service. We do consider for occasional higher usage during holidays and special circumstances. Such discretion is solely decided by Unlimited India Calling. Customer using excessively may also be upgraded to a business plan if they conduct business on a personal calling plan. Unlimited India Calling is here to protect the integrity and quality of its network and will do and take all necessary steps to block any unwarranted abuse of its service. It is totally at the discretion of Unlimited India Calling to determine who is abusing the service and if they should be banned from usage or not. Unlimited India Calling reserves the right to act without notice to block such users in order to keep the high availability of the service by its other users. All rates are subject to change without notice as our rate increase take place from our call termination providers. New rate will be refelected in existing plans and customer who are using the serivce.

  • Pinless Service: Unlimited India Calling Pin less service is NOT a substitute for customer's local telephone service and so Unlimited India Calling service does NOT support 911 emergency calling facilities.
  • Service Distinctions: Important distinctions exist between traditional telecommunications service and the service offered by Unlimited India Calling. The service is subject to different regulatory treatments compared to pure telecommunications service. This treatment may limit or otherwise affect your rights of redress before regulatory agencies.
  • Payment/Recharge: Unlimited India Calling Pin less service is a pre-paid long distance service ONLY and is available as long as there is payment in full made for the service period in advance and the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the service. Your credit card on file will be charged automatically on the same day you signed up for the service. Your changes in any card should be made 5 days before recharge date. Customers card that declines on the recharge date will be deactivated and reactivation fee will be charged for $20 to reactivate the account.
  • Call Details: We do not provide call details online or as a bill for user viewing purpose since this is not a per minute service we only can give upon written request total minutes used in a given time frame and total numbers of unique calls made . There may be a charge for call records if previous months call records are requested. Current Month call records are provided FREE in the online account.
  • Return Policy: In case the customer wants to close his/her Unlimited India Calling account in first 30 days of service then need to place the request for cancellation. This is applicable for initial payment only. Cancelation in middle of a service period will be charged for the full month of service and no further charge will be made to the account.
  • Rate Change Notification: Rate changes may occur without any prior notice. However all rate changes will be posted on the web site https://www.unlimitedindiacalling.com/extras/rates for customer information. Customers are advised to monitor rates on the web from time-to-time.
  • Access Numbers: Local access to all markets is NOT available i.e. local number access to all customers can not be ensured. If the customer is not covered by local access numbers he/she is advised to use phones/cell phones those have nationwide free dialing to access Unlimited India Calling service. Unlimited India Calling Services is not responsible if the local number used is getting charged from the service provider. Toll Free Access is not available at this time only local numbers in area we have network is available please see FAQ section at https://www.unlimitedindiacalling.com/extras/faq
  • Number Change: The account number is the customer's first registered telephone number and it cannot be changed by the customer. Customer subscribing to the unlimited services to all destinations cannot change a registered number for the first 30 days of the account activation. In Six month customer is allowed to change number 1 time only. If customer wants to change number more than 1 time in six month there will be activation change fee of $20 per change each time. If your registered phone number is not in service or disconnected then such number has to be out of service in order to change it. Unlimited service is not meant for sharing and that is why changes are not allowed.
  • Charges and Fees/Taxes: Unlimited India Calling service rates do not include any duties, sales, use, value added, excise, federal, state, local, public utility or other taxes. All such taxes if applicable shall be charged to the customer along with the charge for the calls made unless the customer provides Unlimited India Calling with an appropriate exemption certificate.
    • There is NO connection fees, and account maintenance fees there is no contract or commitment to service unless provided in the plan description.
    • Payphone Service not offered on unlimited plans
    • Call Records are avaialbe in your My Account every 15 to 30 days depending on your plan. If call records required for any previous months there will be a charge for each month the call records are requested for.
  • Quality/Connectivity and Billing Issues: The Unlimited India Calling Pin less service is an 'Information Service' based on VOIP and Digital technology and is provided on BEST EFFORT basis. Unlimited India Calling does NOT guarantee the quality of such VOIP service to match that of conventional circuit switched PSTN service because that is technically infeasible. It is important that the customers be aware of this distinction. Customers must dispute any charges for the services used in writing (email accepted) to Unlimited India Calling within thirty (30) days of the date of the charge or the customer waives any objection. Written statements disputing charges must be sent to: Billing Department, unlimitedindiacalling.com, 4105 O Hare Dr Hoffman Estates IL 60192 USA
  • Reporting an Unresolved Charge Dispute with Credit Card Company. While great care has been taken in the development of Unlimited India Calling Pin less system to avoid such situation, we recognize our valued customer's right to report unresolved disputes on charges to his/her credit card company. However we strongly suggest the customer to view his/her purchase activity online and crosscheck with relevant credit card bill. Unlimited India Calling sincerely wishes to maintain good and lasting relationship with its valued Customer and so it is advised that the customer discuss the transactions in question with Unlimited India Calling through Customer Support at 1 786-574-5784 FREE (from USA and Canada) or by email at [email protected] Unlimited India Calling maintains detailed log on every call made and every payment transaction by every customer for one full year. So we do not see any reason for any dispute not being solved by mutual discussion. If in case of dispute based on incorrect information is reported by the customer to its credit card company and is proved to be so, the customer agrees to be charged a $55.00 processing fee per erroneous dispute from his/her credit balance with Unlimited India Calling. In case of shortage of fund in customer's account the balance may be collected from the customer through legal action, if needed. Excessive number of disputes may result in the cancellation of the customer account.
  • Use of Promotion Code to Open Account and Privacy: By entering/using a promotion code of a referrer while opening Unlimited India Calling account you understand that the specific referrer, if he happens to be a Unlimited India Calling marketing partner, will have access to certain information on your account like name, email address, Unlimited India Calling account telephone number, recharge dates, and amounts. Unlimited India Calling marketing partners are legally bound to handle such information with strict confidentiality