Keeping in Touch During Your Studying Abroad

Unlimited India Calling is here with exclusive section for the students as studying in different country is a one time experience but connecting your family members should not be the same.

Every student would like to share his moments spent while studying in abroad countries but due to the costly calling options they have to stop themselves. Unlimited India Calling provides special discount and offers to the student and they can use the best services at a low cost as ever.

Student Scholarship Program

Study abroad is the dream and Scholarships ,Financial Aid are boon for all students. Every aspirant can now overcome the dreams of higher education even if they belong to the weaker sections of the society.

Scholarship is an incentive and for the encouragement of students Unlimited India Calling provides Scholarships for International Students.

Yes, Now International students can just use the service and be eligible to get the Scholarships for their higher education.

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