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NAU ka DUS ( 9 cents talk 10 mins ) $10 - 1200 (200 mins Bonus on signup) to India any Cell Phone

NAU KA DUS -  Unlimited Calls to any mobile number in India up to 1000 mins -  This plan allows you to call any mobile phones in India and you will pay the same rate of  $0.009,  that is less than a penny / 1 cent . This means it will cost you  9 cents, for every 10 mins of talk and so it's called NAU KA DUS.

In a minute based plan, there is no better deal than this. NOW for Limited time get 200 minutes Bonus on your intial purchase of 1000 mins, that is total of 1200 mins for $10.


  • BONUS 200 Minutes on Signup one time, total you get  1200 mins making your rate on signup 8.3 Cents ($0.0083) and on recharge 1000 mins there after.
  • Talk from 2 registered numbers.
  • Call using Local Access number.
  • Call from your Land or Cell phone.
  • One Touch Call - Set Speed Dial up to 9 numbers.
  • Call to any mobile number in India any time of the day.
  • No call restriction, call as many times as you wish.
  • 1 minute billing increment.
  • Auto Recharge allows you to recharge automatically only for $ 15  now $10 - and get 1000 mins of TOPUP to your account. Auto top is required to activate this plan as canceling auto top up cancels service. Also 250 minutes of usage is required monthly to stay active in this plan. Recharge will be done when your call time balance goes below $2.00.  A processing fee of $2.50 applies on each topup.
  • NO TAX charged to you here, we will pay your TAX if any.
  • Minutes don't expire.
  • Online Minutes usage available to be seen end of the month for last 30 days of billing cycle.
  • Satisfaction Guranteed. However, if account is cancelled for any reason and less than 60 mins used, there will be full refund of minutes.
  • This special price available ONLY WITH THE AUTO TOPUP/Recharge feature. This plan can not be purchased without the auto topup.
  • Calls to any other number in India besides Mobile Code is charged at the rate of $0.018 per minute.


  Activation Fee Initial Payment Monthly Payment
NAU ka DUS ( 9 cents talk 10 mins ) $10 - 1200 (200 mins Bonus on signup) to India any Cell Phone $2.50 $10.00 $0.00
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