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Press Release – May 15th -2009  

 In October 2008 , Unlimited India Calling .com launched unlimited India calling service, a unlimited calling plan to call India. This plan allows customers to call from Land Line or Cell Phone for one flat fee per month.   There is no per minute charge for calls to any number in India , this incredible service is now ever so popular that it has stirred up the competition to bring the best of the best.  For many many years in past ,Indians living abroad had no choice but to be at the mercy of the calling cards and get stumped with high connection charges while loosing minutes.  Over the years millions of dollars have gone to the pockets of savvy operator’s world wide who have sold these cards.  Now with unlimited India calling there are no such charges and no such fees or contract and best part is, there is no counting of minutes. You simply signup and start using the services in few minutes without thinking about minutes that is how nice and easy it is.  

The service is very convenient to use as no internet connection is required it can be used from an existing land line or cell phone.  This gives the user total freedom to call from anywhere the “Stay in Touch Friends and Family Calling Plan” allows calls from home phone and from cell phone when you are on the go.  In last 6 months of its initial Launch of service Unlimited India Calling has put over $1 Million dollars back in the users pocket.  This incredible service is now on a rapid growth as it’s popularity has increased world wide. Currently the service is available from USA, CANADA, UK, EUROPE, and AUSTRALIA to call India with same kind of savings and calling features.

The latest attraction and new introduction of Desh Videsh Plan has again become the first and foremost kind of plan in itself .With the Unlimited Account in USA /Canada this Desh Videsh plan is now able to give the US customer’s family members in India the complete liberty to call them back when they desire at no cost to them.  Now those moments that take place when you are away should not be missed, as the calls now can be placed 2 way.  Unlimited India Calling is listening to its customer’s wishes and demands and trying their best of the best to bring services that are best suited completely and are practical to use with its ease and economy.  

We have put a video on the website that explains in details how the plan works. Visit our website for full details at


About Unlimited India is a company in business since 1999 under the corporate name of Swift N Simple, LLC which is a telecommunication wholesale provider globally. It provides minutes to other smaller companies for global calling besides India.  The head quarter is based in Dallas, Texas USA.  The company has many valuable plans to bring such incredible services to ethnic community’s world wide.  Stay tuned as more things are to arrive very soon in the near future.









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