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Unlimited India Calling .com  is a company that has come out many years of experiences in the Telecommunication business.   The company started with a simple idea of providing unlimited USA calling service through one of it's subsidiaries back in the days when people were paying  very high rates to call with in USA  and cell phone was just was getting affordable.   The year was 1998 , the first Unlimited calls to USA was launched and we succeeded in signing up over 100,000 customers in the first year itself !  As the Cell phone and Internet phone got popular we moved on to provide better and higher services to other telecom providers who did not have such a high volume .   Thus the company moved from Retail to Wholesale services.   

In year 2000, the company grew in telecom services by providing the minutes to other companies and slowly moving itself out of the front to the back as a wholesaler.  It let the providers enjoy latest technology and high quality services at affordable rates.   The volume of services for minutes consumed grew from 30 million to 500 million minutes per year.   We still provide these services to other service providers with network in 3 countries  and the latest infrastructure and technology .

After many years of behind the scene work, we saw the government of India become more liberal and connectivity became more affordable.   This enables us to provide again what we originally started with ,an Unlimited Service only this time it is to India .   Such an Unlimited Service to India was long overdue in market as many calling card and other service providers have made their living by tricking the customers on how the calls were charged.  We see an ordinary caller is not a telecom expert and is a continues victim of this tricky billing practice.

We then on Diwali  2008 , launched our Unlimited India Calling services in USA and Canada , soon to be launched world wide.  Callers will now get pure enjoyment of talking back home to India and no more  confused billing .   We will always try our best to bring you better services and  exceptional deal.    We use only the latest technology  and if by doing so the experience of our customers will be simple and hassle free we have achieved what we were set to achieve.  Now you have one less thing to worry about ,which is your phone bill for India calling.

We hope you will try our services and tell your friends how simple and  high quality of UNLIMITED INDIA CALLING is .

Thank You

Unlimited India Calling

a Div of Serve Global , LLC

P. O . BOX 793983

Dallas , Tx 75252